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Southern Area Plus Competition Results
2012 Southern Area Aunt Sally

1st Simon Good (Abingdon)
2nd Val (Abingdon)
3rd= Kath Good (Abingdon)
3rd=Sue Glover (Andover & Newbury)

2010 Southern Area Chess

1st Steve Sykes (Reading) 4pts
2nd Ian Crawshaw (NT&C) 3pts
3rd Huw Morris (Oxford) 1.5pts
4th Janet Rintoul (Reading) 1pt
5th Adrian Barnard (Oxford) 0.5pt

2009 Southern Area Settlers

Southern Area Chess

1st Oxford
2nd Oxford
3rd Oxford
4th Andover
5th Reading
6th Reading
7th Thatcham

1st Dave Filer (Coventry) 6pts
2nd Huw Morris (Oxford) 5pts
3rd Ian Crawshaw (Chiswick) 4pts
4th Adrian Barnard (Oxford) 3pts
5th Steve Sykes (Reading) 2pts
6th= Leo Glover (Thatcham)  1/2pt
6th= Janet Rintoul (Reading) 1/2pt

2008 Southern Area Settlers

1st  Oxford
2nd Thatcham
3rd  Oxford
4th  Thatcham
5th  Andover
6th  Fareham

2006 Southern Area Chess

Southern Area Ten Pin Bowling

Southern Area Unihoc

1st Steve Sykes (Reading)

1st Duncan (Didcot) 169
2nd Colin (Slough) 142
3rd Adrian (Thatcham) 134

1st Janet (Reading) 116
2nd Rhianna (Hillingdon) 108
3rd Kath (Abingdon) 100

1st Oxford / Thatcham / Slough / Didcot / Hillingdon
2nd Dunstable
3rd Coventry
4th Scratch team

Southern Area Hedge Hop 1st South Bucks 1hr 52mins
2nd Reading/Abingdon 2hrs 7mins
3rd= Thatcham 2hrs 11 mins
3rd= Dunstable 1 2hrs 11mins
5th Coventry/Leamington Spa 2hrs 46mins
6th Dunstable 2 3hrs 19mins (were driven back with 1 mile to go)
7th Fareham 3hrs 59mins
2005 Southern Area Settlers Competition 1st Huw (253)
2nd Janet (181)
3rd Steve (180)
4th Leo (174)
5th Tim (139)
6th Kirsty (131)
7th Kath (130)
8th Sue (94)
9th Rich (50)
2004 Southern Area Aunt Sally Abingdon (hit rate of 23%)
Southern Area Ten Pin Bowling 1st Thatcham
2nd Didcot
3rd Abingdon

Southern Area Chess

1st Huw Morris (Oxford) 5 points
2nd Hounslow 4 points
3rd Brentwood 3 points
4th Didcot 2 points
5th Slough 1 point
6th Oxford 0 points

2003 Southern Area Chess 1st Ian Crawshaw (Hounslow) 5 pts.
2nd Huw Morris (Oxford) 4 pts.
3rd= Adrian Barnard (Oxford) 3 pts.
3rd= Dave Filer (Coventry) 3 pts.
5th Jarrett Smith (Coventry) 2 pts.
6th= Tina Bunyan (Slough) ˝ pt.
6th= Lionel Earnshaw (Slough) ˝ pt.
Southern Area Football Friendly Holland all stars 20 - England rabble 9
Teams consisted of members from Oxford, Abingdon, Didcot, Slough, Hillingdon and Bradford
Southern Area Settlers 1st Oxford (Adrian)
2nd Thatcham (Susan)
3rd Thatcham (Leo)
Southern Area Rounders

1st South Bucks / Slough / Oxford

Southern Area Sandcastles 1st Southampton / Didcot
2nd Andover / Thatcham

Southern Area Unihoc

1st Oxford
2nd Thatcham
Southern Area Hedge Hop 1st Bradford
2nd Banbury B
3rd Banbury A
4th South Bucks
5th Thatcham
6th Fareham
Southern Area Football 1st South Bucks 6 pts
2nd= Redbridge 4 pts
2nd= Allstars (Redbridge, Oxford, Slough, Didcot, Abingdon) 4 pts
4th Hillingdon 2 pts
Southern Area Aunt Sally 1st Thatcham Group out of 9 teams. Special mention to Fareham who managed to score three fence panels, a lamp, a tree and nearly an umpire and Hillingdon who managed to actually bust a rolling pin!
Southern Area Boule 1st Andover
2nd Slough
3rd Abingdon/So'ton
4th Southampton
5th Fareham A
6th Fareham B
2002 Southern Area Fun Bowling

1st Abingdon
2nd Didcot
3rd Basingstoke
4th Oxford
5th Thatcham
Highest Male score Adrian - Didcot
Highest Female score Janice - Didcot
Lowest Male score Clive - Basingstoke
Lowest Female score Tracey - Thatcham

Southern Area Hedge Hop


1st Thatcham
2nd Fareham
3rd Banbury
4th Coventry
Settlers tournament 1st Adrian Barnard - Didcot
Southern Area 5A-Side Football 1st South Bucks B
2nd South Bucks A
3rd Oxford
4th Hillingdon/Slough
5th Banbury
Southern Area Rounders

1st South Bucks
2nd South Bucks

Southern Area Chess 1st Coventry 4pts
2nd= Oxford 3˝pts
2nd= South Bucks 3˝pts
4th South Bucks 3pts
5th Didcot 2&1/2pts
6th Basingstoke 2pts
7th Coventry 1pt
8th Slough ˝pt
Southern Area Bowling

1st Thatcham 2 720pts
2nd= Hillingdon 624pts
2nd= Thatcham 1 624pts
4th Didcot 608pts
5th Basingstoke 571pts

Highest Score Female:-
1st Rhianna (Hillingdon) 115pts
2nd Marina (Thatcham) 96pts
3rd Janice (Didcot) 89pts

Highest Score Male:-
1st Steve (Thatcham) 188pts
2nd Steve (Thatcham) 128pts
3rd Gary (Hillingdon) 125pts


Southern Area Hedge Hop




1st South Bucks Eighteen Plus Group  2:15
2nd Reading (with some Oxford in it) 
3rd Southampton (with a lot of Coventry in it) 
4th Thatcham (with some Basingstoke in it)
5th Southampton

Southern Area Chess Oxford 1st, Oxford 2nd, Oxford 3rd
Southern Area Petanque 1st Oxford +27
2nd Basingstoke +9
3rd South Bucks -13
4th Thatcham -23
Southern Area Aunt Sally 1st Didcot A. (6)
2nd Oxford A. (5)
3rd= Oxford B. (4)
3rd= Basingstoke A. (4)
5th= Basingstoke B.  (3)
5th= Didcot B.  (3)
7th Abingdon A.  (2)
8th= Basingstoke C.  (1)
8th= Reading A. (1)
8th= Oxford C.  (1)
11th= Slough A. (0)
11th= Hillingdon A. (0)
11th= Basingstoke D. (0)
Southern Area Badminton Ladie's Singles
1st Karina South Bucks
2nd Rachael South Bucks
3rd Andrea South Bucks

Men’s Singles
1st Ollie Slough
2nd Lee South Bucks
3rd Ian South Bucks

Ladie's Doubles
1st Jo & Rachael South Bucks
2nd Karina & Andrea South Bucks
3rd Tina & Birgitta Slough/South Bucks

Men's Doubles
1st /2nd Lee & Ian vs. Graham & Gary South Bucks
3rd James & Mike South Bucks
It should be noted that the men's doubles timed out without a final result - since all participants are South Bucks 18+ the competition will be concluded on one of their regular badminton evenings.
Southern Area Ten Pin Bowling

1st Havering 1st (1185)
2nd Oxford (926)
3rd Didcot (833)
4th Basingstoke (726).
5th Reading (336)

Julia [Havering] gained highest female bowling score (182) and Rick & James [Havering] tied on the highest male score (164) 

Southern Area Petanque
Southern Area Volleyball
Reading A
Southern Area Fun Ten Pin Bowling Reading A
Southern Area Hedge Hop
Southern Area Scrapbook Competition Southampton

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