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Southern Area Hedge Hop
Hedgehop 2010 video by Iain Parkes
Saturday 16 March 2013

Time: 6.00pm for 6.30pm start

Venue: The Black Horse PH, Gozzards Ford, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6JH.

There will be a light buffet provided after all entrants have returned from the event.

We also welcome entrants from every group from the federation. Please complete the form below to help us ensure the buffet can cater for everyone.

To register please complete the online form at


2013 1st Nick & Leo 150 points
2nd Huw & Ralph 130 points
3rd Elaine, Steve & Dave 75 points
2011 1st Tracy's Special Forces (Tracy, Stuart, Ryan & Sean) 109 points
2nd Lost & Found (Leo, Steve R, Nick & Steve S) 108 points
3rd We Got Mike (Adrian B, Huw, Noam & Mike S) 78 points
4th Dirty Boots (Dan, Peter, Mark & Iain P) 62 points
5th The Avengers (Kamila, Mark & Richard) 56 points
6th The A Team (Chris, Matt & Dan) -5 points

1st Oxford
2nd Sutton Boys
3rd Reading
4th South Buck and Fareham 2
5th Fareham 1

6th Sutton Girls

2008 1st Oxford / Fareham
2nd South Bucks / Reading
3rd Reading / Dunstable
2007 1st Dunstable
2nd Oxford / Reading
3rd Thatcham / Abingdon
4th South Bucks
5th Coventry
2006 1st South Bucks 1hr 52mins
2nd Reading/Abingdon 2hrs 7mins
3rd= Thatcham 2hrs 11 mins
3rd= Dunstable 1 2hrs 11mins
5th Coventry/Leamington Spa 2hrs 46mins
6th Dunstable 2 3hrs 19mins (were driven back with 1 mile to go)
7th Fareham 3hrs 59mins
2005 1st Oxford/Abingdon 2hrs 16mins
2nd Dunstable 3hrs 36mins
3rd Hounslow/Slough/Andover 3hrs 53mins
4th South Bucks/Dunstable 4hrs 12mins
5th Soton Friends 4hrs 13mins
6th Fareham/Didcot 4hrs 59mins
7th Slough perspectives 6hrs 58mins


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