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Meets most Mondays at The Brewery Tap 40-42 Ock Street, Abingdon OX14 5BZ from 8:00pm map  
Abingdon Plus provides a wide range of activities for people aged 18 - 65 through both our events and those of other groups.
We are a member of the National Federation of Plus Areas, a nation-wide organisation of around 20 groups.
Each Group is run by its members for its members and to the benefit of the community through charity events etc.
Plus is not affiliated to any commercial, religious or political body.
An annual fee gives you membership and access to every Plus Group and activity nation-wide and internationally for a whole year.

Remember that Plus belongs to you as a member, and that we seek to cover your interests.
Suggestions for activities and offers of help are always welcome.

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April 2024

Fri 19 - Mon 22 National Spring Holiday


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