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Kenn Amabilino

I joined Southampton 18 Plus in 1976 very briefly before returning to University. Kept in touch with various people ( Roy Pullen, Nick Barrett, Steve Douglas etc.) and rejoined when I returned to Southampton in 1977.
Founder member of Totton and two stints as Chairman there (18 months the first time), then went to Wessex Region as Chairman for two years followed by one year as Training Officer for Southern Area.
Returned to my roots by being founder member/chairperson at Eastleigh before being pensioned off with an Honorary Life membership of Wessex Region. In amongst this I assisted in running Alfies Army Roadshow for Winchester 18Plus with the inimitable Steve Douglas and Gary Hearn (still in touch with both).
Met my wife of 25+years (Heather Hathaway) at Totton and we now live in Scotland. Loads and Loads of memories of events and I've also become the depository of several Totton 18 Plus scrapbooks.
I am still in touch with loads of friends all around country via 18 Plus. It made me the man I am now!
Doug Ash

I started meeting people at Luton 18 Plus in the early 70's. I was PRO for the club for a number of years, initially at the Working Men's Club and then at the Polish Club. I later joined Bedford 18 Plus when I moved house and remember being involved with the initial raft race. I went out with young ladies from both clubs for a while and met people at Hitchin and Letchworth 18 Plus, Potters Bar, Wellingborough, Milton Keynes and others. I attended Caister and other national events like camping in the Midlands on the August Bank Holiday weekend. I remember going to Majorca and Italy with 18-30 Holidays who had arranged it with 18 Plus. I remain in touch with a couple who belonged to Bristol group and another couple from Potters Bar group. I would be pleased to hear from other members who remember me and would like to say hi. I am married to a girl I met at Bedford Coffee Pot/Contact.
Steve Ashfield If there is anyone that remembers me via Croydon / Surrey Region / South East Area / Caister, I would love to hear from you.

Michael Bayley I was a member of Selly Oak 18 Plus from 1975 to 1980 and would love to hear from anyone in the group during that time. I remember Mike and Janet Tombs, Steve Greenhall Jayne Wiltshire, Chris Neal, Cathy Poole, John Shields, Dave Powell, Sue Foster, Janet Darby, John Morris, Paul Evans, Avril Barry, Maureen Gill, Gill Marshall, Pat Sparks, Ian Cotter, Jane Cotter, Phil Viney, Tony Agg, ... so many lovely people. So many happy times, a wonderful era. I am so glad 18 Plus is still going.

Stewart Baker Clearing out a cupboard I came across a number of slides and photographs from my days with 18 Plus. I was a member of the Kings Langley group, but also attended the St Albans and Watford groups. This was around 1970 to 1972. The photos show a lot of smiling faces (I think we drank a lot !). Some of the photos show Pram Races in Windsor Great Park, and others are of the Caravan holidays in Dorset and Cornwall. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me, or those good times.
Suzanne Bannister

My name used to be Suzanne Bannister and I joined Great Barr 18 Plus in 1981. I was lucky enough to meet my husband at the group and we're still going strong 33 years later and have a son. When I first joined I was invited to take on the role of the secretary of the group which involved organising activities and taking minutes etc. I've got so many wonderful memories of my time at 18 Plus - the numerous River Boat Shuffles, the dances and also Caister. 
I would love to hear from anybody who remembers me.
Robert Beale I was a member of Worcester 18 Plus where we met at the Bush Inn, St. Johns. I was chairman, secretary, activities officer, treasurer and chairman of Hereford 18 Plus, which we opened. I regularly visited Cannock, Walsall, Stourbridge and Bromsgrove groups and enjoyed several Caister holidays. I now have the groups scrap book.
Ross Bickerton Sale 18 Plus have just had a lovely reunion .. How nice to see all those people again .. Any old members who would like to get in touch please do so.
Jane Ann Bleaney A real oldie, 1971 from Luton 18 plus. I was the first Miss Luton 18 Plus and still have the sash. I am trying to trace Alan Neeve (Barnet area) and anyone who remembers me. Thank you, Janie.
Lesley Boardman

I joined Grays 18 Plus in the early 70's, moving on to help open Wickford and Stanford-le-Hope Groups. Left in 1979 to marry and move away. During my time I held the posts of Group Chairman, South East Anglia Area Chairman and East Anglia Area Chairman. Now single again and with children that have flown the nest, I often think of the great times I had in 18 Plus and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am also still in contact with Diane Scammell, Pauline King, Bob Clarke, Brian Ashdown and Malcolm Crane.
Chris Bolt Joined Poole Group in 1983. Went on to open groups in Wareham, Ringwood, Bournemouth and Christchurch. I was Secretary of the old Southern Area (which covered Weymouth up to Watford), Chairman of the Wessex Region and then Wessex Area when Southern split up. After standing down as WAC in 1990 I became the National Finance Officer on the NEC and Management and Finance SSC (later General Purposes Committee). Did that for two years until Carolyn took over and then I got involved in Development. Left in 1994 when I thought I became too old to take a lead in running the Federation (Associate membership started at 30 then). Moved to the Isle of Man in 1997 and still there. I'm still in contact with Francis Wallington but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Any other old Plussers on the Isle?

Peter Brandl

For those that think I have disappeared for good, I am alive and kicking in Southampton. I was there almost on the first week of Ealing Eighteen Plus group in 1968, for six years, with a spell as chairman and various other committee  posts. I remember you all with fondness. It was a big part of our lives. The rest of the story I am happy to discuss if you contact me. Marrried with two boys and awaiting first grandchild. Retired, getting thin on top, doing my best at golf, and will remember anyone who remembers me (I hope) .
Juliette Bromham (nee Couchman)

Most people will probably remember me as Juliette Bagley as I was married to Philip Bagley during my time at Stourbridge 18 Plus. I had the most amazing time with 18 Plus. I was Secretary a few times and Philip was Chairman a few times. I particularly remember joining in 1979 when Glyn was Chairman followed soon after by David Gill and his racing tips at the end of the notices. I enjoyed many amazing times at the Mitre pub where we met on a Thursday evening. I would love to hear from all the many friends I had while there – too many to mention!  Living in Hook, Hampshire these days – married to Tony with 2 children aged 21 and 17.  Met Tony at Wokingham and Bracknell 18 Plus after leaving Stourbridge due to marriage break-up. We got together at an 18 Plus event in Bournemouth and have been together ever since. We celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary this week. I do remember Mark and Isabel Lewis who are on this page and didn’t realise they founded the Stourbridge group. I also remember Steve Ralph from Warley group who is also on this page.
I have many wonderful memories from Caister, in particular the first year I went in 1980 on a coach with crates of beer down the centre aisle. We arrived at 1am and had trouble finding the caravan in the dark.  Particularly remember the guys dressing up as babies in white towels for nappies as the Stourbridge Babes and hi-jacking the stage during Mike Read’s stint. He wasn’t happy. Also remember Peter Powell doing the Radio 1 Road Show live. Particularly have fond memories of Pam and Nick, Eggy, Steve and Ant, Colin, Jackie, Jadie, Sue, Heather.  So many people spent time round at our flat in Lye and particularly remember the party when we moved up the road. The Landlord’s son always comes to mind when I hear AC/DC as he always jumped around at the Disco’s doing his best Angus impersonation!
Amazing times – feel very fortunate to have found Stourbridge 18 Plus and spending my teenage/early twenties attending some awesome events in the Midlands area – Worcester Riverboat Shuffle, Birmingham Disco Competition, etc etc.
Still visit Stourbridge every 3 or 4 years – try and tie it in with an away game as season ticket holder at Reading FC. Always stay at the Talbot Hotel.
I now work as a Receptionist at a Leisure Centre and love keeping fit and watching sport. Hoping to pay another visit in the coming year. If you remember me get in touch!
Colin Brooks

I was a member of 18 Plus in Sandbach, Cheshire from around 1966 through to 1973. Anyone out there remember me?

Derek Brown


I was a member of Warrington 18+ in 1970. A couple of young girls from Altrincham 18+ came to our Friday night quiz selling tickets to a joint dance with Bramhall. My friend and I bought a couple and duly went to the dance. Well here we are 51 years later and married for almost 49 years, I to Hilary Kay who was one of those girls who came to sell the tickets. We still have our badges and often talk to our children and grandchildren about how much we enjoyed those days.


Jenny Brown (nee Mills) I was a member of 18 Plus between March 1987 and March 1991 when I moved to North Yorkshire.  I was with Wellingborough Group where I was Public Relations Officer.  I was also one of a group of people who set up Higham 18 Plus,  where I was PRO and Chairman. I had a lot of fun with Plus especially on the trips to Caister and 'Nick' House. Since moving north I have married the man I moved here to live with and had a daughter who is three.

Robert Cairney
Member of Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, and Tonbridge Groups between 1972 and 1980. I was chairman and held other various positions on committees at all the groups. Went to the first time the Easter weekend was held at Caister in 1975. Met my wife at Tonbridge 18 Plus and was married in 1977. I am still married to the same person. Eighteen Plus was a great group to belong to and still keep in contact with ex members who have become good friends. I went to a few national conferences and made some friends from other groups. It would be nice to hear from anyone who might remember me.
Helen Casey (nee Fry) I joined Chelmsford 18 Plus around 1971 or 72 when we used to meet at the British Legion Hall on New London Road. Later, I was a member of Grays group and then Havering. There was always something going on - visits to other groups; completely mad things like dwile flonking and raft racing (anybody else remember the scooter race on Galleywood Common? ); folk nights and the infamous Weekends - I especially remember Easter 1973 on the Isle of Wight in seemingly non-stop rain and gale force winds and Caister 1975 when it snowed! Was anybody reading this on the horrendous hovercraft trip round the IoW in a Force 10? I've never been so glad to step back on dry land in my life! Then there were the Ron Gee weekend trips to France and Belgium (including the Weize beer festivals). I got to play coach courier on some of those - oh, happy days, trying not to leave anyone behind at the comfort stop on the E40; staying patient with the inevitable pratt who left his/her passport in the over-full boot of the coach; coping with the travel sick, the hungover and the barmy - it was all part of life's rich tapestry as somebody-or-other said.
I married my husband, Terry Casey in 1973. Much to everyone's surprise, including our own, we're still together. He was a stalwart member of Grays group and Regional Public Relations Officer. Later, I was elected Vice-chairman of Grays group and Regional Secretary. I also got involved with the setting up and publication of SEAview, the Regional magazine which won the Norbury Trophy in 1976. I was, briefly, editor after that which probably explains why we never won the cup again! Terry was having a clear-out of some junk a few weeks ago and found some of those old magazines. What a lot of names and memories ..... Lesley Boardman, Diane Scammell, Alan Cable, Eddie King (of the saggy drawers, sorry, Sagittarius Disco), Ray Whyte, Tweedledum & Tweedledee (aka Ray and Eddie), Trevor and Sally Jones, Janet & Ian Yeo, Geoff & Brenda Midgeley, Paul Razzell, Mark Levine, Val and Greg Bond, Roy Cutting, Diane-from-Maldon, Pauline King (longtime ferocious guardian of Stumpy, the regional mascot), Liz & Jerry King, Mike Barnett, Vivienne ....where are they now? Family and work commitments caused us to drift away from 18 Plus around 1977/78 but it would be great to hear from any or all of the above and anyone else who remembers us.
Brian Charlwood

I use to be a life member back in the 1970s, with a group in Marlow, Bucks. I lived in New Road, Marlow Bottom.
The founder of Marlow 18 Plus was Andy Mac, and someone named Barlet. So long ago with fond memories. I went to Caister about 8 times also a camp out in Stoke On Trent.
Diane Chew

The members of Belper (Derbyshire) 18 Plus group from the 1970s will be holding their second reunion at "The Old King's Head", Days Lane, Belper, Derbyshire on Saturday, 19th October, 2019. All former members from back then will be welcome. Please email if you wish to attend. You'll be very welcome.
Bob Clements

I joined Yeovil 18 Plus Group in 1976 and went on to become its Chairman in ’79. I met Melanie from Dorchester 18 Plus Group and we married in 1980 and are still happily together now. I loved my time at 18 Plus and met lots of great people from other groups. I went to Caister and TAG five times. Love to hear from anyone that knew me.

Stuart Collinson

I joined Sunderland 18 Plus in 1979 meeting at the Royalty Pub in Chester Road, Sunderland. We used to have various guest speakers from candle making to an ex-RAF pilot showing his amazing hand built models. It was a great way to socialise and meet new people. It was run by a natural leader called Nigel who left the area due to work. There would be parties at the weekend including fancy dress parties. We would think nothing of driving down to Dewsbury from Sunderland for a party with Dewsbury 18 Plus and then driving back.
I moved away for about four years and when I came back Sunderland 18 Plus was still active and still as friendly as ever. Great happy memories. Feel free to drop a line!
Paul Copperthwaite I was from Reading 18 Plus and also Maidenhead. I have recently been out with some Reading 18 Plussers for a drink. Would like to hear from anyone who knows of me, I am still the youngest  member as far as I know.
Bob Cronshaw

Joined Moston 18 Plus in1963. Chairman Oldham 1964. Area Exec N West development1964/5/6. Chairman Sale 1967; also visited Knutsford / Eccles / Salford. Chairman Altrincham 1968. Chairman Bramhall 1969. Chairman Wilmslow 1970.
Chairman Southampton 1972. Helped to set up Lymm / Cheadle / Bramhall from scratch. Enjoyed being Chairman and involving people on committees with a lot of success.
Most groups from low numbers or zero  rose to 50-100 plus. We had many camping weekends a year both group / region and national and got everyone involved and mixed!
Study weekends in 1964 & 5 at Lyme Hall helped and Advance 67.
Stories and friends too numerous. Very happy days.
Now in Cornwall happily retired having been in Round Table, scout leadership, played Rugby, been married, had children and now happily grandchildren. Knew Mike Norbury quite well.
Michael Crooks Hello to all who remember me and those who don't. I was in Leicester 18 Plus from 1984 to 1991 / 2. I was Chairman for 18 months. I had a great time in plus remembering TAG, WASH, Caister, Bedford Raft Race, but to name but a few. AMMO. as well.
I am trying to locate John and Terrie Dodds, I lost their address a while ago. Also anybody who wishes to get in touch with I. I moved to Bristol 8 years ago, and decided to stay. Unfortunately, in 2001 I had a stroke, For those who remember, I was a lorry driver, so I had my licence taken away. I am still on the sick and will be for another 12 months. I have no physical problems but struggle with concentration, stamina and short term memory. I am attending a computer course, hence my e-mail address. Look forward to being in touch.
Graham Dalby I was in Redbridge 18 Plus from 1977 until 1982, now living near Braintree. Still in touch with a few former members. I had a fantastic time and have many happy memories of those years. I would be glad to hear from members that remember me. I was lucky to have been a member when there'd be something going on most nights.
Steve Dann I was treasurer of Wickford 18 Plus in 1975. We met on Monday evenings in a hall behind The Castle pub. I still have a copy of the programme from April - June during which time Lesley Boardman was Chairman, Richard Hawkins Vice Chairman, Janet Smith Secretary, David Clifford PRO, and Christine Fox Activities Officer.
Maurice Darnell
A member from 1973 -1975 & Vice Chairman for my sins. Looe that holiday,  Stoke on Trent,  that was a hell of a time. Some  friends, Jerry / Big Sue / Richard / Roger. He finished up being my best man but we don't talk about that day. Hope somebody is still alive from that time.
Simon Davies I joined Maidenhead 18 Plus in 1982 before moving onto Slough 18 Plus a year or two later. I was chairman in 1990s when we were based at Crown and Cushion, Eton. Still in contact with Nick Gates, Colin Davison and the like. Would love to hear from anyone during the C&C days. Recall Caister, AMMO, TAG, Bedford Raft Race. I say recall because I can barely remember them, heehee. Do remember the green chips at Caister and Radio One Road shows etc.
Trevor Davies I joined 18 Plus in Braintree early 70's & then moved to Bishops Stortford in 75. Went on many jaunts i.e. Looe, Letchworth, Ware, Hertford & many more. Been on various committees. Anyone out there remember old times? Now happily living in the Highlands.
Paul Day I joined 18 Plus around 1981 and was mainly a member of Romford group, though did frequent Havering and occasionally Harold Wood. During my time at Romford I spent some time as treasurer and managed to get a large contingent to Caister one year. I think I must have been a member for 10 or 11 years and had lots of happy times there. I went to Caister for several years which was always fab. I even got to sing on Stage with Edwin Starr one year and saw many other famous artists. Romford did the Bedford raft race several times and WASH. I never went to TAG. Of course, I went to many other discos, etc. organised by other groups. I married and was later divorced from June Fairchild. Other names I can recall were Jon Henley (married Penny), Gillian Acres, Sarah Eames, Sue Radley (married Gary from Barking), Nigel Nice, Maggie Nice (his sister), John Speller, Nick Edgar, Bob Jones, Ann Vallis, John Meanwell, Barry Carter, Kathy Edwards, Richard Carter, Bernard Mullins, Tracy Mullans, Gary Collet, Kathy Lawrence, Paul Dray (tall Paul), Malcolm Oliver and others from Romford whose surnames I can't recall, Marion, Carol, Gill, Donna, Sharon and Tony, Peter, Jackie, Julie, Gillian, Sally, Steve and Sara. I had to trawl through some old photo albums for some of those names. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, I could maybe contact a handful of those names if you are interested. Judging by the number of times Romford is mentioned on this list I think it unlikely anyone I know will see this but you never know. I just remember those happy times.
Paul Deville Hi. My previous name was Paul Deville.
I was known around the Yorkshire region for always having a guitar in my hand. I was on numerous committees and a regular at Caister, WASH, TAG, Bedford Raft Race, some conferences and most dances in our region over a 15 year period, during in which I constantly changed membership according to which group I was attending when it run out. I have been a member of Rothwell, Pudsey, Leeds Central, Bradford and Wharfedale. I also attended many other clubs during that period, including Wakefield, Harrogate, Horsforth, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, and Bingley. I organised one or two events for mass attendance, just for the fun of it.
I'm looking out for Caroline Holindrake and Graham Illingworth, has any one heard of either of them recently?
Me? Well I never did anything by half's, so I've had full gender reassignment and I am now called Ms Heather Beaumont. Please get in touch if you want to, or know of the whereabouts of either of these two people as I haven't spoken to either for too long.
P.s. What happened to Robbie from Liverpool? Of all the Plussers I ever met I think he had the nicest personality (he was always pissed though).
Clive Digby


I was in Burgess Hill 18 Plus a long time ago around 1978. I am now 55.
Maurice Dilley

Member first of Brighton group in 1974 and then Worthing group – still see a number of the local members from 3 decades! Had involvement at Sussex Region and South East Area and also involved with 3 ANC’s – Brighton in 1981, Worthing in 1986, bringing back memories of Mud, and the NEC Metropole in 1991. Mainly infamous for my involvement with the Easter Holiday at Caister from 1979 through to the late 80’s. Still at the same house in Worthing with Sue, who was also very involved with all the above activities!  We join with a number of old members, mainly ex Easter Holiday committee members but not all, in the occasional week-end away. Very interesting to see a number of familiar names in the list.
Clare Ding
(nee Greaves)
My name was Clare Greaves and I belonged to Luton 18 plus. I joined about 1984/85ish! I was on the committee for some time and had one holiday at Caister. I married Steve Ding from Hitchin and we now live in Stevenage. Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me!!
Steven Ding I joined Letchworth & Hitchin in about 1978 & held various committee positions. I was also on the Chiltern Regional committee as well. Dose any one remember the discos every Saturday night at venues like The Sparrowhawk, better known as the sweat box, Watford Leisure Centre, Broadway Hotel, and many more. How about the regional bowling and the moonlight blow at Hemel. And who can forget Caister, TAG & the Bedford Raft Race. I am now married & live in Stevenage with Clare (Johnson) from Luton plus.
Terry Dixon

I joined Reading 18+ aged 18 in 1976, I was rather shy then and lacked confidence!
I soon made friends and after saying, that some events weren’t very well organised I was on the committee!
I didn’t have a car originally, so unless I got a lift it was only Reading Events, we met in the Roundabout Pub (no longer there) on the Oxford Rd. Clubnight was a Thursday, doing an apprenticeship I had very little money!
Aged 20 I was elected Group Chairman on a ticket to develop the group, which I achieved over several years, holding various posts including Publicity Officer, Activities Officer and Chairman.
I attended many great events including Dances all over the Southern England, many Easter W/Es, AMMO, TAG & WASH events, making more friends.
I rose through 18+ ranks, to become Nat. PRO serving 6 years on the NEC including head of a sub-committee. Covering Marketing, Media, Charities, Recruitment and Retention.  I designed and introduced many Plus Products including the famous Car Shade and the collectible 1991 Golden Jubilee range.
I took part in many Charity events, raising well over £5,000 during my 25 years in 18 Plus. Including fun novelty events including ‘Help the Aged Jail Bake’, ‘Adopt A Jelly Baby’.
Personally, I morphed from an Electronics Eng. Into a Project Manager, on some major projects. Using he people skills I learned in 18+ like the ability to Lead , Influence, Communicate, Negotiate, Manage, Public Speaking, etc.
Retiring early in May 2016, I started ‘Terry’s Reading Walkabouts’ leading guided walks around my home-town, this has mushroomed to cover many themes and routes while raising £8,000 for local charities, meeting wonderful people from all over the world.
I retired from Plus in 2003, been given national awards and Honorary Life Membership of Reading Group,  unfortunately lost contacts with many friends over the years, if you know me please get back in touch.

Dave Dowson I am an honorary life member. I was Bristol Group Chairman in 1974, South West Area Development Officer in 1975, and South West Area Chairman in 1976, 77 & 78.
Felix Earnshaw
I was a member of Hillingdon 18 Plus and moved to Slough18 Plus in the 90's. I am trying to find a ex Hillingdon member. Dose anyone know Gillian's email address or telephone number.  I would be very grateful. Thanks.
Lara Elder (nee Collins nee Faulks)

I first joined Plus in 1988 and have been a member of Barnet, Enfield, Chingford & Romford. When I finally left in 2005 I was a member of Brentwood. I would be glad to hear from anyone that remembers me. Yes, I was that mad girl who used to turn up in fancy dress a lot, drink way too much but never had a hangover!!

Anne Evers

I was a member of Chester 18 Plus from 1982 to 1988, but known as "Big Anne" to differentiate me from "Little Anne"!! I was chairman for a while before heading off to the USA to work. My maiden name was Evers and people may remember me as working as a nanny. Names like Tony Hurst, Kerry Knight, Meirion Edwards, Anne Dod to name a few. Went to Caister a couple of times and have fond memories of eating fish fingers for the whole weekend, and camping in Llangollen. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.Cheers!

David (Dai) Francis I joined Harrow Group in 1966 but was 'persuaded' after a few weeks to get involved with opening a new group at High Wycombe and ended up for a year as it's first Chairman. Halcyon days - we had 105 members in that first year! Later I was Treasurer of Harrow, the Chiltern Region, and then for three years Treasurer of the newly formed Southern Area, finally taking over as it's Chairman when Val Rawnson (nee Polley) left to become HGS. In between that I was involved in opening groups at Hillingdon, Ealing, St Albans, Hemel Hempstead, Luton and Maidenhead (or, at least, those are the ones I can remember!). Oh yes, and I edited 'The Chiltern' (later 'Impact!') magazine for many years, running it off on a duplicator I bought off 'Viewpoint', the South East Area magazine. I'm currently living in Buckinghamshire and married to Carol, the girl I met at Harrow Group back in 1968. There's a small group of ex Harrow members who get together a couple of times a year, but we'd love to hear from anyone else who remembers us and the good old days!
Linda Fowler

I joined Bexleyheath 18 Plus in 1966 which was held at the local Conservative Club. Shortly afterwards we moved to an upstairs room at a local pub. I, along with another member, opened the Dartford Branch.
18 Plus was rather more conservative in those days. We enjoyed talks, film evenings, socials and quizzes.
I met my husband who was Chairman of Bexleyheath group and who was a member of several of the groups in the area. We married in 1967 so have been married nearly 54 years!
Maggie Franklin (nee Dascombe)

I was a Warley member during mid/late 70s. I had some great times remembered fondly including dancing all night to ‘jungle rock’ at Caister on the 1st of 3 Easter visits.  Knew Steve Ralph (who didn’t!). Still see Doreen and Chris.  Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am a member of U3A now, the geriatric version of Plus, love it!
Keith Galvin I was a member of 18 Plus in the 80's and 90's. I was a member of Pudsey and Leeds Central and would love to get in touch with any one who new me from way back when. My wife and myself have lived all over the world since leaving Leeds in 1992 and are presenting living in Germany. I have kept the Plus spirit alive by organising social events in which ever country we have been living in. Cheers.
Stephen Gell I was member of Bedford 18 Plus, joined in the 90’s and later became Secretary of the group between November 1995 – May 1996.
Jan Gibbs

Jan and Ross Gibbs would love to hear from any ex-HEDGE (HENDON/EDGWARE) members from the late 70's-early 90's. Thinking of organising a reunion after seeing a few old friends at a party. Also any members from Watford or Barnet groups. It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers us.

Louise Gibson (nee Tompkins)

I used to belong to Godalming 18 Plus and was their Public Relations Officer. I enjoyed many a holiday at Caister and camping at Trentham Gardens before it was refurbished. I also had links with Worcester 18 Plus and would like to make contact with anyone who remembers me. In particular, I am trying to contact a member of Worcester 18 Plus, Chris Harris who worked at Kay's Catalogue in Worcester. This was between 1982 - 1984.
Christine Gill (nee Gregory)

I was a member of West Kirby 18 Plus Group on Wirral in the late 60’s . We met at the Black Horse Hotel, Black Horse Hill. Some names were Bill Syres, Jane Ryding, Sue Bill, John Gill, Mule, John Tonelli, Ted Charlton and Gus Bull. We would love to have a reunion but not sure where to start. We were good mates of  the Wallasey Group and had fabulous times.
Steven Glover Had a lot of drinks and good laughs and met some good friends at Caister, Trentham and weekend booze ups .Don't see them anymore, so if you are around from Wallasey 18 Plus email me. It would be nice to hear from you. We met at The Bell and also Twenty Row, which just made a good fire. 
Mike Gohl

I was a member of 18 Plus from 1992 to 2000 in Hull. We used to go to Leeds Plus and Manchester Plus (I was the weird one, I have autism). I remember John Smith and others. Someone might remember me.
John Goodman

Alan Sims and I formed Southend 18 Plus in 1966 and it would appear that, most unfortunately, it is no longer extant. Alan was the Group’s first Chairman with myself as Secretary. I met my wife, Geraldine, via Southend 18 Plus and we married in 1970. I am delighted to say that we are still together 44 years on! Despite the apparent demise of the Group, a small number of the original members has kept in contact over nearly 50 years and we continue to have our own reunions at least twice (Summer picnic and Christmas meal) each year. Is there anybody who still remembers the inaugural meeting at the Glenelg Hotel in Westcliff? Moreover, does anybody have any archive material covering the early days of Southend 18Plus?

Andy Grant

I was chairman of the Havering 18 Plus Group (I think in 1974 and 1975) when it met in Billet Lane. It was under my chairmanship that we moved to The Robert Beard. Other committee members were Gillian Smith, Cathy Gibson, Chris Gold, Trevor Jones, Cathy Yell and Razz. I followed Ken Smith as chairman and Cliff Brunt succeeded me. We also opened the new Romford branch that met in Pettits Lane School.
I remember very well Deirdre McCarthy, chairperson of the Grays group and Margaret Gisby, when it met at the Fox and Hounds. I was a regular there, as well as the Brentwood group that met in the Hermitage.
I went to Caister, Trentham Gardens (twice I think), the Cheshunt mini Olympics and Chislehurst Caves.
Greg Bond and Val were on the committee of Chelmsford group and I believe one of the regional committees.
I probably knew a great deal of the other members, but my memory of them has dulled over the years. I have quite a few pictures taken at that  time.
Chris Gray I was a member of Stafford 18 Plus group from about 1982 until 1989, It takes some remembering to get that far back. Most will remember me for being mad, the dressing up as Dame Edna Everage at the Mr 18 plus and for my drunken antics at Caster and TAG with my teddy called Mutley (I still have him). I think my best times were at TAG, I was the one who took the marquee and about 20 of us slept in it. From Stafford I went to York with my work (prison Service) and from there I now live in Brighton and work in London. I live in Brighton with my partner of 6 years (came out about 10 years ago). Some of my best memories are from my years with 18 plus and I made some good friends that it would be good to get in touch with again. Have a look at my web site. I am glad that 18 Plus is still going, and love the web site. The photo is of me and other members taken about 1986 ish...... Some will recognise Francis Wallington on the left.

Dave Gray I'd like to contact old members and friends. I was a member of Doncaster, (from 1973) Rothwell and York 18 Plus before becoming a member of Darlington and opening North East Area groups with Keith Galvin and becoming Steering Committee Chairman of North East. My wife Susan was also a member and I moved to the North East when we got married. I'm a life member (141 or 142), I've lost my membership card. I've not been involved with 18 Plus for about 15 years.
Karen Haigh (nee Rafe) I was a member of Sutton Coldfield 18 Plus in 1980 and then Wokingham and Bracknell.  I married Andrew Haigh (met him at Wokingham and Bracknell) in 1987 and we now have two children born in 1991 and 1993.  We moved to Long Island, USA in 1997 and live very happily here. Would love to hear from any ex-Sutton Coldfield or Wokingham and Bracknell people.  Where are you Selena, Dave Hall et al? Had lots of fun at 18 Plus and remember Caister and other big events really well. Glad to see it is still going strong, although there does not seem to be a Bracknell group anymore.
Carl Hall I was a member of Leek 18 plus, but like a lot of groups folded. My nearest group was in fact Hanley, but found Leek more interesting. At the moment some of the old members and some new meet at the Polite Vicar in Newcastle-u-Lyme on a Thursday at 9.30. I am still in contact with Wendy Williams, Geoff Skinner, Gavin Eagles and John Hartley. I am still working and living in Newcastle. Hope to meet some more plussers old and new. Look forward to hearing from anyone out there.
Dave Hall

I joined Longbridge 18 Plus at the end of 1980 and stayed throughout the moves and name changes to Bournbrook, Rubery, LBR and Northfield serving as Activities Officer, Treasurer, Chairman of branch and on Regional committees. I remember (hazily) superb weekends at TAG, Caister, Bedford Raft Race and WASH etc. as well as all the charity pub crawls, plane pulls and other mad events.
I finally left about 1995ish. Hi to Steve Ralph and Karen and anyone else out there who remembers me. Still drinking far more than is good for me! I have been an active member of local CAMRA branches for about 21 years now. It keeps me out of he house!
Simon Halley I was a member of Worthing 18 Plus Group for 8 years - 1988 to 1996, and had the most wonderful time, so many laughs and great memories. During my time in 'Plus' I was Group Publicity Officer and Secretary. It would be really great to hear from anyone who still remembers me, especially those members from Crawley, Kingston and Richmomd 18 Plus Groups as well. I still occasionally see old members from Worthing; Paul Kemp, Ade and Sue Munn and Richard 'Taff' Evans.
David Harding Mr Eighteen Plus 1987, a competition well forgotten I'm sure. I have vivid memories of 18 Plus from the mid to late 80's. Still keep in touch with some old mates that belonged to Wokingham and Bracknell group. Main reason I came on the site was to find out if the logo has changed (which I see it has). My wife is icing a cake for my brother's 40th birthday cake and we wanted to put the old lion or tower logo on but can't quite remember the details. Still..... fond memories. Feel free to get in touch if you remember me. All the best, David.
Fred Harris

I was a member of Wellingborough 18 Plus from 1982 to 1989. It would be nice to talk to people I knew from that time. I enjoyed every minute & went to most things.
Sue Hobbs Was a member of Doncaster group for two years. Married Jeff from Barnsley group in 1988. What happened to Rowena , Kathy, Andy Ferguson and Steve Scruton. Had some great times, met Jeff at a Plus event, camping near Wakefield. I think it was called JAC. Living in Lincoln, married to Jeff with two daughters. I shall remain ever grateful to 18 Plus we have been married nearly 14 years and would never have met if I hadn't plucked up the courage and gone to that first meeting all those years ago.
Alison Holland (nee Spencer) Anyone remember Clevedon 18 Plus?
I was a member from 1987 until 1994 when the group sadly closed. I was Group treasurer, then Group chairperson, then Area chairperson of the South West Area attending Bristol, Taunton, Thornbury, Swansea and Gloucester groups on a regular basis. To say we had fun is putting it mildly. Many a night we dressed up in each others clothes! Many of us still remain friends. Some of us are just reaching the big 40 and a few have tipped over the edge. Wouldn't it be lovely to still be a part of something.
Bernie Holloway

Hi! I was a member of Brighton 18 Plus from 1985 to 1986. I loved the country disco's which played a variety of pop music, including 1970s. Still occasionally see Bonnie Scovell, Trevor Chubb, Julian Shove and Anne Plenty around town. Now happily in a council flat, with a degree and 35 years' solidly working for the NHS, among other things.
If anyone remembers me and would like to get in touch with me, here I am, I would love to hear from you.
Alan Holmwood

I joined Arnos Grove group in 1972, left to start Cheshunt group and then became East Anglia Area vice chairman. I began the Mad Mini Olympics, started Potters Bar group (the first to meet on a Sunday) and became Area Chairman. I went off to India & South East Asia in 1977 and on my return became area training officer. I then departed again this time to South America for 1978/79. My attendance to group events dwindled on my return and then ceased but my travels abroad still continue. I still see a few old members, mainly from Potters Bar and would be glad to hear from anyone else who remembers me.
Sue Jeans (nee Hampton) I belonged to Bath 18 Plus Group up until 1981. We use to meet in the Midland Hotel. I am now married, living in Wiltshire and still keeping in touch with Lorraine who was also a member. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Laura Jefferies

I was in 18+ Kingston then 18+ Guildford between 1995 – 2002.  I have so many memories of good times, many discos, weekends away and my favourite was definitely WASH, which I went to each year I was a member.  I met lots of great people and had so much fun.  I have great memories of that time.  If anyone remembers me it would be really lovely to hear from you.
Sue Jeffery (nee Pullen) I was meeting with a former 18 Plusser and we want to have a reunion with anyone in the South and South West areas of England, who remember us. I belonged to Salisbury group during the late 80s and 90s. We visited the local groups of Fareham and Poole for various events. I achieved the lofty heights of Miss 18 plus locally followed by the Miss National title. I visited the Doncaster group and judged a sandcastle competition on a chilly beach in Grimsby followed by a lovely plate of fish and chips! We plan to have a party early next year so would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in meeting up again.
David Jenkins Hi! After having a jovial discussion with a work colleague of mine, and mentioning about the Bedford Raft races and Eighteen Plus, he (being somewhat younger) said he thinks that they no longer exist .
So Google time! I must say that after reading all the other write ups that it bought back many happy memories.
I met a lovely young lady there, who this year I will be celebrating 21 years of marriage with! Her name then was Jackie Tait...
Gosh, just remembered about a few of us Luton & Dunstable mob formed `The Chiltern Rejects' with the backing group The Rejectiles'. We first performed at WASH I believe, around 1985ish.. We only could play 3 songs, including a Cliff Richard spoof about `Blow up Doll' to that immortal classic tune of `Livin' Doll'.
I was a committee member at Luton achieving status of Chairman once! but preferred working in the background more. I was also on the raft building committee, producing rafts such as `Lucky lady' (No 13) a fantastic showboat raft that only just managed to scrape through scrutineering, a Clown car/circus theme, Batmobile, and would you believe it, yep the raft picture used on the raft race section of the website, our all singing pedal powered scorpion tank raft No 31 (built out of the paddles from the Mississippi showboat)...In all we won best dressed raft 4 times in a row. I never got to look after the shield once ! and don't even know what happened to it.
So this is a request to join in and reminisce with former mad-heads......
Paul Jiggins I was a member of Redbridge from 1976 to 1986. I held various group committee posts, as well as being London Thames Regional Chairman 1978 to 1979 and East Anglia Area Training officer 1979 to 1982. The tour of duty was completed as Honorary General Secretary from 1982 to 1985.
I am still in touch with Gary Yanover, Philip Woolford, Robert Brett, Graham Dalby, Wendy and Richard Grant.
18 Plus gave me good friends and a lot of fun, I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me?
Sue Jones (nee Chartres)

I was in Reading 18 Plus from around 1969 to 1974. I married Dennis Jones (Ex Grays) who died 3 years ago. I am still in touch with Gwen (Pummell) and Frank Wallis, Glen (Maitland) and Jack Winsper, Rosemary (Heath) and Ivar James, Alden(?) and Roger Martin, Keith Hyde (ex High Wycombe). Keith's first wife, Margaret Heath, died nearly 6 years ago and he has remarried. Roger/Aldene and Jack/Glen are still in the Reading area but I now live in West Yorkshire and Gwen/Frank in Devon. Keith is in Kent.

Stephen Kelly I joined Tunbridge Wells group in October 1973 and stayed until May 1989. I helped in the formation of Eridge and Crowborough group and the re-formation of Tonbridge 18 Plus. I visited groups between Orpington and Hastings. Co-operated a mobile disco, Midnite Express and did gigs for many groups. Did every Easter Holiday from 1974 – 1989. Even managed 3 TAGS. Held the position of Chairman, probably too many times and PRO countless times. Love to hear from anyone that knew me from those wonderful days.
David Lakin

I was active in 18 Plus in the London area around 1994. I used to work for the BBC in West London and I attended several groups including Richmond, Hillingdon, Hounslow.
I help set up the Hounslow group along with Bobby Khanna and some others from Acton group and the Isleworth area. I came across a photo the other day of a PR stand we had at a garden show or the like.
I have some fond memories of attending events like Caister and Centerparcs with the groups. I was amazed to discover this reunion site and would be delighted to hear from anyone that remembers me.

Stephen Lamprell Hi there to all you former plusses. I joined plus in 1992 at the ripe old age of 29, when the club was strictly for under 30's. I joined Enfield but moved to Redbridge when that collapsed. I was active throughout the club and area for 10 years, but became too old to be considered for too much longer.
I left when I separated from my wife and am now living in Salisbury with my new wife and 3 year old son. Still in touch with a lot of the Redbridge members and a few others. If you recognise the surname my two sisters were members of Cheshunt in the 80's, Roisin and June.
Paul Lane

I was the publicity officer for Wimbledon 18 plus in the early nineties, I am now 39 and married with 3 girls. I am still in contact with quiet a few plussers. Feel free to contact me with a reference to this site in the subject line (just in case mailwasher gets you!).
Paul Lavan

I was a member of Pudsey group, Otley group and Leeds group. I went to a reunion in Scunthorpe a couple of years or so ago; will there be another?
Barbara Lewis Warrington 18 Plus Golden Jubilee Reunion
Saturday 14th May 2016 marked the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Warrington 18 Plus Group. The celebration, at the Alford Sports Club, was attended over 50 ex members, of which some 30 were part of the Group at its inception. Sadly no groups now exist in the North of England.
We are only just getting our voices back from talking all night, renewing old friendships and reminiscing about the best days of our lives.
The photograph shows the birthday cake being cut by the organising team of David Knight, Barbara Lewis and Gwyneth Lawson with those who attended.

Mark Lewis
(Life Member No 0102)

Don't know who will remember me and my wife Isabel (nee Hackett). 
I started when Halesowen Group opened in 1974 after being asked by a friend to go and give him support. Became the first Chairman of Halesowen when the Development Committee withdrew. In 1977, with Isabel, formed Stourbridge Group which had a very slow and almost desperate beginning but later became the largest group in the Federation. When we married in 1979 we moved closer to Wednesbury Group and stayed with them until we moved again in 1981. At that point we joined the newly formed Codsall Group, but were also travelling regularly to help keep Telford and Shrewsbury Groups going. We maintained that until our retirement in 1985 at the grand old age of 30.
I had been chairman of the West Midlands Region, Mid-Staffs Region and Mid-West Area with my wife being Secretary of those three. We also took the delegates bookings for the Annual National Conference held at Birmingham University and arranged their accommodation.
Dennis Lloyd

I was a member of the Amersham 18 Plus Group in Buckinghamshire from 1974 to about 1979 and we met at The Crown Hotel, Old Amersham every Monday night at 8pm. During that period, we had many members from other neighbouring groups come to visit us and it quickly became one of the most successful groups of all time. It was started by David & Stella Butcher and the opening night was Monday 21 October 1974. If anyone still knows the whereabouts or contact details of David & Stella Butcher, could you please ask them to contact me regarding an important event next year. I know that David was Chairman of the Chiltern Region which Amersham came under and he was also a member of the Harrow 18 Plus Group.
I am trying to contact any other former members who belonged our group also from 1974 onwards, as we are having a 50th Grand Anniversary Reunion in October 2024. If there is anybody out there or knows anybody at all from our group who would like to come to this reunion, then please do get in touch.
Nick Lloyd Hi all those who remember me, and those who don't. Hmmm what happened how did I miss you :) Not been around for a while, I have in my time been a member of Woolwich (yes there was a group there), Darenth Valley, Thurrock, Bradford, errrr and attended most weekends (not when I first joined (Blame BR I was working most holiday weekends :( ). what more can I say, I've been Group Chairman, Publicity Officer, Treasurer and other positions.
Malcolm Locker I was a member of Luton and a (very) early member of the Dunstable group, being at times Chairman and PRO back in the late 70s and the 80s. Owing to ancientdom (I got over 30!) I had to leave and eventually lost touch. I married Karen and we moved up to the frozen Wastelands of the North, or Telford as it is known locally. Contrary to popular opinion, we do have the wheel here - (I 'borrowed' it from a parked car!) and other sophisticated things.
I'd be pleased to hear from any ex Luton or Dunstable Plussers!
Sonia Lovett Member of King's Lynn, Leeds and York but frequent visitor to many, many more groups. Attended WASH, Caister, JAC, AMMO and TAG usually in fancy dress and mostly accompanied by Austin Stacey. Great memories, fun times.
Mick Marston I am trying to trace Donald Matthews formerly of Codsall group. If anyone can help please contact me.
Debbie Martin Trying to trace any members that went to Havering 18 plus in the 1990's. Love to hear from ya.
Peter Mathews CMG I was a member of Dawlish 18 Plus, then went home to Wallasey where I was a founder member in 1968 and became its chairman. What a great time we had!
During its heyday, Wallasey 18 Plus was one of the largest in the country (late '60s-early '70s), with a ladies hockey team, two football teams (one in the local league), even attempts at playing rugby and cricket and, as in many 18 Plus groups, there were many relationships confirmed at the altar!
Those days were most probably the best of our lives and some of us still keep in contact. Personally, I now run my own business at Black Country Metals in the West Midlands and was honoured by the Queen with an Award for Export as a Companion of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George - CMG.
It would be great to hear from any Wallasey 18 Plus members of that era and especially others from West Kirby 18 Plus.

Lynda Maw (nee Oakley)

I was a member of Wharfedale 18 Plus back in the early 80s. I married Steve Maw who was a member of Pudsey 18 Plus. Anyone out there who remembers us and would like to arrange some kind of reunion? I remember Barry Jackson, Mark Dunwell, Dave Lawrence, Tim Waterhouse, Jonathan Kirkland, Angela Cross, Janet Cockcroft, Claire and Peter (can’t remember surname) to name just a few. If anyone would like to meet up for reunion please get in touch.
Juliet McGoldrick I was a member of Northampton 18 Plus group in 1987-1988. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Juliet, formerly Juliet Francis and Juliet Johnson.
Joanna Miller
(nee Williams)
Stafford 18 Plus member for quite a few years. Very happy memories of Caister and TAG and the numerous discos. Still in touch with a few old members, Marion (my sister) and Stewart Matthews, Richard Thomas, Chris Gray and a few others. Would be interested to hear from any of the many friends I made and lost touch with.
Christine Milne (nee Wadey)

I am trying to find anyone who was a member of the Newcastle Upon Tyne group around 1978 to 1982. My name then was Christine Wadey and I was secretary for a while. I loved Caister and all the other events we attended. I am still in touch with Jerry Kinersley Taylor and Paul Gotchi. I still live in Newcastle with lovely partner Michael and my 2 wonderful children. It would be great if there is still anyone else around, so please get in touch.
Ian Mitchell
I was a member of Castle Bromwich 18 Plus in 1975 which met at the Digby Hotel in Water Orton. I eventually became chairperson of the group. My girlfriend at the time was Felicity Pratley, who became Miss Castle Bromwich 1975. Other members of the group at the time were,.Susan Reeves.

Patricia Monksfield

I initially attended Walthamstow 18 Plus which used to meet every Friday in a big room upstairs in the Lord Brooke pub in Shernhall Street. I later joined South Woodford 18 Plus at the Railway Bell pub near South Woodford tube station in the 1980's. I fancied Steven Driver like mad but sadly he wasn't interested in me so I went out with his friend Kevin Anderson instead. I was very fond of Kevin and we went out together for 3 years. Kevin later married and is currently divorced with one son, James, now aged 22 years. I'm in contact with Kevin, he now lives in Chelmsford. I remember going to Caister at least once and I had a great time. Kevin and I were in the same chalet. Enough said!  I'm also in contact with Jacquie Cracknell nee Gwilliams. She now lives in Yeovil, Somerset with her husband Pete. 
Jacquie wants to organise a reunion. I have collected a list of 24 past members which I have been meaning to pass on to her. I'm now 58 and still single folks!  I have no children, just 2 cats named Rosie and Daisy. We live together in Walthamstow next door to the Rose & Crown pub. If anyone out there remembers me from the 1980's do get in touch! I would love to hear from you all. I used to work as a secretary but I now just do part-time voluntary work with the homeless.
David Mortimer
I was a member of Wellingborough 18 Plus from about 1982 through to 1986/87. My memory has never been the same since. I am wondering if Wellingborough Plus is still active? Hooray! If not, when did it demise? Aw Shucks! 
My apologies for my misspent youth with 18 Plus and foot in mouth (also huge amounts of food). Ah, those were happy days, long hair and self-esteem, all a distant memory. Hmm, now where was I, oh yes I'm sitting here at the computer. Anyway, as I was just about to say, I thought it was a good idea this Plus Reunited business and I would be happy to put something down for the record. You never know, someone out there may just about remember me.
I was known as David Mortimer-Kelly, which was a name I adopted when I married my late ex-wife, Elizabeth Kelly, in 1990. We divorced in 2008 and she died in Lancaster in 2017. I am now known as David John Mortimer, which is the name I was born with, and I have been living happily on the Isle of Wight with my new partner Karen since 2013.
Sue Munn (nee Short) and Ade Munn Hi everyone, I joined in 1989 and had great times at Worthing 18 plus with loads of fun and laughs. Remember Caister and climbing through those windows of the cabins to get to the next party. I am now happily married to Ade; just celebrated 10 years since we first got together and we have two lovely children. I now work from home in Worthing as a Reiki Practitioner. We would love to hear from you either when I joined or when Ade first joined in the 70's I think ha ha!
Bob Nanke I was part of Wellingborough 18 Plus from 1977 to 1982. Nostalgia is knocking at the door, I moved to Canada in 1987 and have lost touch with all my old friends. Glad to see 18 Plus is still alive and kicking. Although memories of TAG, Caister and camping trips are dim (probably due to the alcohol ingested during the activities) they still bring happiness.
Mike Norbury I joined the Knutsford 18 Plus Group in 1963 when only 17 (but don't tell anyone!). At that time there were so many groups in the North-West that we soon had to split to two regions, Cheshire and Lancashire. Many of the Knutsford members became REC, AEC and NEC members including John Bashford, who was on National and myself who, via regional and area, became National Publications Officer - launching and editing the first 18 Plus News (when it was still in paper!).
Moving down to work in London in 1968 I joined Crystal Palace Group where I later became chairman. I was at several National Conferences and the wonderful Advance '67 conference in London where we brought together names like Lord Soper, Chris Chataway and Roy Hudd (see the history elsewhere on the website).
These were the days of Ron Ferguson, Jim Shaw, Geoff Shaw, Mike Souter, John Pite, Tim Hulme, John Aitchison, Jeff Huddart, Tony Dunn, Graham Cooper and many others too numerous to mention (or the aging memory can't remember).
A few weeks ago a fellow member of Knutsford Group in the 60's, Geoff Sanderson died, and it was at his funeral (attended by a handful of old members) that we started talking about the "old days". Through this I've located an old friend and "Plusser" in New Zealand and we're even thinking of a reunion next year.
The thought that 2007 will also be FORTY years after I presented the very first Norbury Trophy IS VERY SCARY!!!!
May I invite anyone who knows or remembers anyone from Knutsford in the 60s to shout, please - also any of the groups which we founded or with whom we were close... Wilmslow, Macclesfield, Northwich, Wythenshawe, Lymm, Eccles, Cheadle, Stockport, Bolton, Denton, Sale, Altrincham, Chester, etc., etc., etc!!!!!!
Success to all of you!
Melvyn Osborne I was a member of Nottingham Group from 1968 to 1976 until I met my future wife. I had very happy years there including canal holidays and made many friends. After marriage I had to move to Lincolnshire because of my job where I still live today. It would be nice to know if any of my friends still remember me.
Michael Page Hi its Mike from Hull. Would like to hear from anyone who can remember me from the late 80's.Those camping weekends, sandcastle building at Cleethorpes and golfing at Donny.
Elaine Payne (nee Earle) I started going to Doncaster 18 Plus when I was actually 17! Had some great times between 1974 and 1979. Hope 18 Plus is still going strong but haven't heard anything about it for years. Would be great to hear from any others who were there during these years.
Peter Phillips If any ex members of Liverpool 18 Plus are interested in meeting up for a reunion please contact myself.
Jenny Perkins (nee Overton)

I met my Hubby Dave Perkins at Sidcup 18 Plus in early 70’s. It was in a converted building and you went up a flight of outside metal steps. It was off Station Road, Sidcup. I have such fond memories of it as my hHubby was sometimes the host. ”Decimilisation” was one of the evenings and a holiday in Cornwall. Dave sadly passed away 3 months ago and our first meeting was on my mind. I was Jenny Overton. Does anyone remember Dave?

Dave Perkins

Andrew Pinnock I joined Winchester 18 Plus in early 1987 and was a member there for a couple of years. I would love anybody who was there at the time to contact me or friend me on Facebook. I remember the weekend at Trentham and still follow Magnum. I also remember our day out to Nantwich that weekend. I remember some fun times and would love to see any photos people have.
Kevin Pitt I was a member of Pelsall (West Midlands) from about 1978 - early '80s, which I joined with my old school pal Jon Thickett. After a short break I re-joined 18 Plus with Wednesbury Group, of which I later became Chairman. I left in 1986 after marrying Tracey (life moves on). I have loads of excellent if fading memories of 18 Plus, the organisation that defined my early adulthood and made me what I am today (40-something greying father of two!). What really sticks in my mind are the zany activities, boozy holidays at Caister, TAG and something called MAD, but above all the friendships that were made with people from across the country. If anyone reading this is thinking about joining: stop thinking - go on and DO IT. If anyone reading this happens to remember me please get in touch. I'm too old to re-live those days but not too young to reminisce.
Philip Price

I went to Wallasey 18 Plus from 1968 to 1970. Those were memorable years, and I also went to West Kirby 18 Plus, at the Black Horse, West Kirby, during the same period.
People whom I can remember well from both Wallasey and West Kirby 18 Plus include:- Brian Rannard, Ken Banks, Pete Mathews, Dick Gray, Phil Johnson, Melanie Johnson, Sheila Key, Anne Crawford, Keith Thompson, Pat Walmsley, Wendy Jones, Linda Ellis and Cathy Ellis.
The time at 18 Plus was unique at the time, because there were so many events organised, and each week brought a new idea and a different venue, such as trips to Altrincham, the Belgravia in New Brighton, Regional 18 Plus dances, beauty contests, discos etc. It seems so long ago now, and if anyone remembers me from those days, I would be pleased to hear from them. "Once upon a time there was a tavern.............."  (Especially memorable song as Wallasey 18 Plus was held at the Tavern in New Brighton).

Sue Poskitt (nee Dixon) Hi. Anyone from Rotherham 18 Plus. I went from 78 to 86 and attended lots of discos, concerts, Caister, TAG, Clipstone etc. etc. etc. Would like to here from anyone else who was there at that time and see what they have been up to.
Jackie Purver (nee Gwilliams) Hello Redbridge Plus. I am an ex member of Woodford 18 Plus. My maiden name use to be Jacqueline Ann Gwilliams, now age 44; still feel 18! I work in Sainsbury's, George Lane E18. I was married, but now separated, to a Mr. Stephen Purver, hence now Mrs Jacqueline Purver. I have two children. Emma age 17, has moved out to her grandparents a long story! My son, age 14 is a pain in the neck! I belong to Greens Health Club, Chingford; a great place for meeting people. Does age really matter? It's your personality  experience of life etc. is it not. Do you remember Paul Marvin, Michael Malter, Cathy Adams just to name a few?  We are all still around and grown up with families. Anyway, I look forward to receiving a reply very soon. Nice to see you are still a strong group of young people!
Jennie Quigly (nee Greenhill-Jeffery) I was a member of Crawley 18 Plus from 1973 to 1979 in The Appletree, West
Green (and very briefly in 1971 were we met in the Airport Hotel and then in Tilgate Park.) During my time at the Appletree, I was an Hostess, PRO, Treasurer and for some mad reason, the Chairman. My memories of that time are these. The carnival
floats we made, Noddy 1974, The Flintstones 1975, and Peter Pan 1976. We always won the class cups and best in show cup . They were always pulled around the procession route by the strong lads.
The dances we held, that were always well supported by all the other local groups, for which we were very grateful. Easter at Caister 1976 and 1978 (once with Noel Edmonds with the Radio One Show) and at Looe with the late Johnny Walker 1974.
I also went on a 18 plus holiday to Palma in Mallorca in 1976 (7?). I can remember it was a very grotty hotel, very basic. What will always stay in my mind was the landing at Gatwick . Due to delays, we had to stop over in Brussels and we were put up in a very posh (in those days anyway) hotel. While coming into land, very late at night, at Gatwick we entered a storm and were all asked to go to the back of the plane!!! We were certainly thrown about a bit as we came in, it was quite scary. Can anyone else remember this?
I had a great time being a member of 18 Plus, made good friends, some I try to stay in contact with.
I meet my husband at 18 Plus, I think he first came to our AGM that I was chairing. Luckily he came back the next week. We have been married now for 27 years and have two children, Becky who is 25 and Tim who is 19.
Steve Ralph
Member of the famous Warley group from 1978ish where I took on many roles on the committee, moving to Regional committee then Mid West Area Chairman, finishing as a co-opted Plus News Editor around 1985. A big Hi ya to everyone who remembers Plus at that time including the famous "HIT SQUAD" at T.A.G. Now living by the sea in sunny Dorset.
Julian Rawes

I am a Cheltenham old boy! I joined in 1976 and gradually faded away in the late 1980’s. I was a committed and committee member for many years and I guess everyone during those years would who came anywhere near Cheltenham would remember me. I attended the Brixham holiday event for 10 years.
Cheltenham was for many years a strong and vibrant group. I still have some material from that period and during the time wrote a history of the group.
We got to know a number of members from other local groups such Gloucester, Stroud, Bromsgrove and Redditch. Cheltenham played a strong part in the local region and several of our members served on Regional and National committees.
18 Plus was a wonderful organisation and I still have a large number of friends who married each other, had families and are now aging gracefully.

Bev Raymond I was a Stevenage and Letchin Plus member in the late 70's and early 80's.
I would really love to contact Dave Coates who was treasurer of Chiltern Region and won the national award for Treasurer one year.. I remember that ANC when he got his award. I was sooo pleased for him. I am still in touch with Nellie Savage who was at Wilmslow and then Croydon 18 Plus; not bad after 20 years and living 12000 miles apart.
And for those that heard the rumours - yes it was true I did have a baby, but my baby is now 21 years old, and for all those that knew me then, I have not changed. My daughter, ohh nooo, is just like me, except very tall and skinny but cheeky just like her mother.
Err.. why 12000 miles apart. Because I moved to Australia in 1983 and I am still here living the good life.
Would love to hear from anyone from 18 Plus who now resides in Australia, especially Adelaide SA.
But if anyone can find Dave Coates from Stevenage I would be really really happy to be able to contact him again.
Cheers Bev.
Glyn Rhodes Delighted to see 18 Plus is still thriving although the North West area (as it was known then) seems somewhat depleted since my days in the early 1980s. Back then I was involved primarily with Macclesfield 18 Plus group and was instrumental in the revival of the Congleton group. We also had groups from Knustford, Wilmslow, Sandbach and Northwich (glad to see one of the biggest groups still survives) and a new group was started at Leek (I hope I remembered them all). We used to regularly visit each others group nights as we each had different ones and we were quite a close knit set of groups. I would have loved to have continued to be involved with 18 Plus but various commitments took me away from it all. Those weekly area dances were something else - each group took turns to organise it in their area. Then of course there were the annual "excursions" to Caister (I remember seeing Paul Young in Q Tips there before he became famous) and Trentham Gardens in Stoke. I gained many new friends in 18 Plus, some of whom I still see occasionally. I wonder whatever happened to the rest? There are so many names I remember - we were all kept in order by the North West area chairman, Tony Podmore. You may be interested to know that several 18 Plus groups have been created on the Friend's Reunited website - worthy of a visit if you have never been there.
Keith Richards I joined Sheffield 18 Plus group in 1977 with lots of fond memories of Caister, TAG, WASH etc. and met some lovely people over the years. Took part in sporting events, enjoyed the odd party perched up a tree (TAG) and even wore a blue can-can dress on stage with Robbie Wilson (Scouser). Met and married Bev Woolhouse from Barnsley 18 Plus and we have been married for 28 years.
Derek Robb

I was member of 18 Plus groups Doncaster, Barnsley and Sheffield through the 70s and 80s. I married Jennie Cross in '86. I had a great time at Plus, loved Caister and Tag and camping and getting drunk at parties. I moved on from Plus and regret I didn't keep in touch with the friends I was close to. Things have happened and I would like to touch base.
Vincent Roberts
Hi I am Vince, one of the first members of Romford. I am single again and say hello to all. If anyone knows of Chris Golds whereabouts let me know. I go to the Cauliflower in Seven kings most weekends and speak to Alan and Gavin Barking.
Phil Ronald-Price I went to 18 Plus in the late 1960s, where I was a Member at Wallasey and West Kirby 18 Plus, as well as Birkenhead and Heswall 18 Plus Groups, which operated around the same time.
It was a great time, with many events organised for group members, and the Wallasey Group was run by Peter Mathews, and this group had the largest membership on Wirral of all of the other groups.
For those on Wirral who went, I have set up a special Memories Web Site at
I would like to hear from anyone who used to go to these groups in the late 60s / early 1970s.
Bernadette Rose I went to Luton 18 Plus  in the seventies and eighties and would like to get back in touch with anyone who remembers me from that time. We had such good times at Caister at Easter time and TAG. Also loved going to club nights and weekend trips out etc. Happy days.
John Salmon

Enfield 18 Plus. Tuesday Nights at The Hop Poles Enfield. John Salmon 1976-1980ish looking to hear from old members who remember those crazy days.
Stuart Sanderson Would like to meet up with any members who remember me from the sixties. Joined Oxford Group in 1965, helped start the first Abingdon Group which met on a barge on the River Thames, and went on to become Midland Area Chairman 1969 to 1972. Married Sheila, a member of Northampton Group. We would both particularly like to make contact with our best man at our wedding; Ron Shaw of Rugby 18 Plus Group.
Mike Savage

I joined Maidenhead 18 Plus in 1974. We used to meet at the British Legion and the Rose pub on a Thursday night. I went to Caister twice and once to Trentham Gardens. I also met my wife Jan at 18 Plus and we got married in 1980. I have kept in touch with Mike Hermon, Dave Jeffries and Karen Barnardi. We are currently organising a reunion for all Maidenhead 18 Plus members between the years around 1974-1980, which we are hoping to hold in April 2018, to give us plenty of time to contact everyone.  We have a list of around 50 people and we are in the process of trying to track them all down!  Anyone with information or who would like to be included please contact me via email. We are also hoping to collect any relevant old photos that you may have.
Frank Sealey I first joined Chelmsford 18 Plus in 1968, had a break from 1971 to 1973 and then I re-joined again. They were the best years of my life with all the weekends away and the social activities at club nights. I would love to hear from any one who remembers me. I had a reputation as a music quiz demon back then!

Terry Severn

Member of Castle Point 18 Plus from 1977 - 1984. The best years of my single life. Would love to hear from any body who remembers me. Great Times. Great Friends & Great Fun.

Colin Shaul Hi. I used to be with Southampton, joining at end of 1989 and then helping with many events, including dances such as the great ones in the middle of the New Forest, being the last minute DJ that night. Went to a number of Caisters, met loads of great people in the Wessex areas, used to dance my socks off!!! Help set up (rescued the weekender going to a wrong site in Bognor) relocating the fantastic event then held at Little sea, Weymouth. Then got the Bridport event up and running in 2003 but had to take a back step due to some personal reasons at the time. Still in touch sometimes with the DJ at that event, Paul Amos, who was a Bournemouth member I think. Met Christine MacLeod (ex Guildford) who I set up Surrey LeRoc ( with (many people know Ceroc jive) which took me away from Southampton late 1983 and I lost touch with some great people. These were some of the great days in my life, so if any one remembers me? Bad at remembering names but remember Gerry, chairman at Southampton and Miss 18 Plus Sue from Salisbury. So many great nights!!
Left a stack of photo albums when I left to the group, so lost a lot of memories, so if you recall me, please get in touch. Cheers.
Glyn Shaw I joined Buxton 18 Plus group in 1967 and remained a member until 1970. Chris Mellor was Chairman when I joined. I was also elected Activities Officer for the Peak District Region in 1968 or ‘69 (can’t recall exactly!) I got around the region quite a lot as a result and made friends that I would like to regain contact with both in the Buxton Group and the Region generally. Fond memories of dances at Buxton and Altrincham, Folk Group nights in Disley plus conferences in Lyme Park and Southport. Also annual Carnivals at Buxton. Left Buxton to live in Shropshire in 1970 and still there.
I wait to hear from anyone interested. Cheers!
Nigel Shaw

I was a member of Chorley 18 Plus from 1977 to 1980 and have great memories of my time there. I am still in touch with three members of the group but am interested to know if there are former members out there who remember the group.
I met my wife at Bury group and we have now been married for nearly 42 years and live in Ramsbottom.
Pete Sincock
I joined Winchester 18 Plus in 1977.. I was also a member at Petersfield and Eastleigh at various times. A few of us would travel around the 'patch each evening. Monday, Petersfield, Wednesday, Totton, Thursday, Southampton and Friday, Winchester. And with so much to choose from for the weekend!! Later Eastleigh opened, Petersfield closed, and Winchester changed to Wednesday. I married an Eastleigh girl in 1986 and my membership lapsed. In 1990 I found myself living alone and was invited to a Winchester 18 Plus re-union. By this time I was considered too old, so lied about my height and joined again. The group was by now much smaller and everyone got on with everyone else. We had several group holidays, canal boating, a cottage in the Lake District and a castle in Wales. Sadly the Winchester group closed in 1997. It would be great to hear from anyone who may remember me. Those days seem so far away now.
All the best, glad to see plus is still going.
Andy & Gaynor Smith We were members of Wellingborough 18 Plus from the late 1970's until mid 1980's. Went to many Tags, Caisters and Raft races. We still keep in touch with some old friends from the group of those days but would really like to hear from any one who  we have lost touch with.


David Smith (Smudge)

I joined Fenland 18 Plus in1980. I married Jenny in 1984 and have two children but have now divorced. Gary Moxon now works with me and we want to know where the old members of Fenland 18 Plus are.
Kim & Trevor Smith

Former stalwarts of (absolutely) Barking 18 Plus.
Lynne Smith (nee Carpenter) Anyone from Darenth Valley 18 Plus from the early 90's please get in touch.
I knew Barry and Gary Spurway and I met a lady named Debbie who I am still friends with to this day.
David Snape

I used to be a member of Romiley 18 Plus from 1985 to 1989. I met my wife there as did many other members of the group. I have loaded some pictures of group activities on to Flicker - search under Romiley 18 Plus, they are all in an album for ease. Would love to hear from any former members of the group, pity there is nothing like it now for the youngsters of today.
Christopher Snell I was a member of Lincoln group from 1985 to 1988. These were some of my best times, the friends I found through the group where what I called real friends. Unfortunately I left the group and moved on but I didn't keep in touch with anyone. This was a mistake and I would love to hear from my old mates just to catch up with old times. I live in Wiltshire now and am married with two girls (from Sleaford).
Mike Souter Member of the Federation in the very early sixties through to 1970. My home group was Maidstone, where we met at the Oddfellows hall on Fridays, and after closing time at Highfield House (an amateur drinking and pulling club). In my time I was privileged to serve 18 Plus as group, region and area chairman ( but not all at once! ).  Those were the halycon days of a National membership of ten thousand, and a South East Area membership of four thousand - but the South East Area then included Anglia and Southern areas.
In the late '80s and early '90 I was disinterred and joined the Easter Holiday Committee and remember well the Easter when four thousand attended Caister. I had a wonderful time with 18 Plus and met so many friendly people. Best wishes to all those who are now, or who have been members.  Anyone who remembers me from way back when, would be really most interested to hear from you.
Geof Spavins I joined 18 Plus in 1977ish and was a member, and held various committee positions at the Loughborough group until 1982 when I left Loughborough to join the wide world of  the armed forces.  I remember the outings, parties and various events with great fondness. I would very much like to know what happened to all the groups from this area, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Beeston ... et al, they seem to have disappeared from the listings.  My children are now just about coming to the age where they would like to join an 18 Plus group. I would also love to hear from anyone who may remember me from those halcyon days.
Paul Styles I joined Bromley 18 Plus 1981, had some brilliant times there until someone decided to disband the group and call themselves Bromley 2000. I then emigrated to Bexley 18 Plus from 1984 with my big brother and quite a few ex Bromley members, I think about 10 of us altogether. I could never wait for Caister to come around quickly enough. Does anyone know what happened to Joan Eades? I can't remember what group she was from, but she and a few others (I cant remember names) did a wonderful job at Caister every year that I went. The other thing that I have 18 Plus to thank for is meeting my lovely wife. From 1988 to 1990 I then emigrated to Welling 18 Plus as Bexley were having some problems, funny how the problems seem to follow me around. I finally left 18 Plus in 1990 due to other commitments, you know the usual excuses. It would be good to hear from anyone who remembers me.  
Shirley Sweetland I was a member of the Kennington group around 1961-65 and had a great time at the club. I met my husband when he drove the coach from Kennington to Tunbridge Wells for the annual Christmas get-together of the different branches of the club on 19th December, 1964. Are there any ex-south London members out there?
Regards, Shirley Sweetland, Perth, Western Australia
David Taylor I was a member of Bromley (Kent) group in 1979 till I moved to West London. I became chairman of Chiswick 18 Plus and then became Surrey Region Chairman. I would like to contact members from Chiswick & Bromley and as they say on radio, anyone else who knows me!  
Dawn Thomas

I'm trying to find an old friend who used to be a member of Dukenfield 18 Plus in the mid 1980's.  His first name is Andrew, but I cannot remember his surname.  I was a member of Coventry 18 Plus.
We met at the raft race, Andrew and I dated for a while, he owned a yellow sports car and I visited once to the Homefirth area, not far from where he lived.  We went to see Kid Creole and The Coconuts at a local theatre and I have some pictures of that concert and address.
I do remember in 1992, when I got married, Andrew getting a card to congratulating me, which he states he had married and had a newly born baby.  It would be nice to catch up with him.I'm now living near Banbury on a large country estate, working as a housekeeper for a high profile family. I would love to know how I can get in touch with him again. I have looked for Dukenfield group, but I cannot find anything on the internet. I hope you can help with my search.
Debbie Thompson (nee  Jones)

I was a member of Pontefract 18 Plus in the early 80's and had great times at Caister, TAG, Bedford Raft Race as well as local events. I was Chair of Pontefract Group and met loads of good people. We also joined Rothwell group sometimes. I met my husband Alan as he was part of the Bradford group and we celebrate our Silver Wedding this year. We have moved around the North and lost touch, but would be pleased to hear from others who either/both of us knew from then.
Wendy Wade

I was a member of 18 Plus from 1982-1994. I was in Kenilworth 18 Plus which moved to Coventry South 18 Plus, then moved again to Leamington Spa 18 Plus. We all had the best times ever. Went to many discos, competitions, Casiter, TAG, WASH and Lakeside Adventure at Lake Windemere. I was on  the raft at Bedford Raft Race. Visited many 18 Plus groups and made loads of friends which some of them I still keep in contact with. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me or belong to those groups. For 20 years I was married, but unfortunately my husband  died of cancer. Married name is Wendy Mead.
Alan Wakefield I was member of the Bristol 18 Plus group in the seventies. I met my wife Jenny Hilton (Milton Keynes group) at the '76 Belgium Beer Festival. We are still together and would love to hear from any one who remembers us.
Maurice Walshe I joined Bedford 18 Plus in 81or 82. I used to share an office with Nigel Pendal who dragged me along to a couple of events and to help with the Raft Race. I did a number of roles for the Raft Race, Accommodation, Race organizer and Entertainment officer and on region/area committee’s.
I also was the Caister booking agent for I think 10 plus years on. Good Friday morning I always think of the ballot for tickets and the hot crossbuns that where provided during the draw. I also had some minor roles in helping out with security at Caister along with Steve Amos and Dave Domoney.
I think technically I am still a member I was a life member from around 85 onwards and I did go to 60th bash.
Currently I am working at THUK and I have a Blog at Haunting Thunder.
Ian Warburton I was a member of Thanet 18 Plus from July 1970 to September 1972. We used to meet on a Monday at the George, King St, Margate. At the time I was working in the general office at the Thanet District Hospital. I became Publicity Officer, Vice-Chairman and finally Chairman for 6 months. I then changed jobs and moved to Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry. I joined Coventry 18 Plus straight away and duly did another six month stint as Chairman but left 18 Plus for good early in 1974 because of increasing pressures on my time. I shall always be grateful to 18 Plus for giving me access to new friendships at that time. In case anyone wants to know what I'm doing now, I moved to Northumberland in 1976 and have been here ever since. I took early retirement from the NHS in 1999 and am now a freelance proof-reader and market research interviewer. I am married with a grown-up family and my main interests today are the Methodist Church and choral singing.
Teresa Ward Hello there!  Found this site by accident so here I am. Former Hemel member (early 80s). PRO, Vice chairman and then Chiltern Region Secretary when Dave Combes was Chairman. Read Steve Ding's piece, yes, remember every single thing he mentioned. Why did we love The Sparrowhawk so much; but they were always good nights. Anyone remember the Hemel Panto, which we took on the road as well? After all that organising in my youth, I now have an event management company and a training consultancy Something must have rubbed off!
Lorraine West nee Kenny I was with Eastbourne 18 Plus from 1982 - 1987. It would be great to here from anyone who remembers me and my husband Graham West.
Duncan White

I was a member of LBR/Northfield 18 Plus in the 1990's and I would like to track down some former members. A few of the remaining have started going out once a month for lunch. I remember some of the members and would like to catch up with them.
Julie Wilkinson nee Broady

I was a member of Hull 18 Plus back in the 1970's and 1980's.
I have contacted about a dozen  ex-members and we had a reunion in 2008.
I was a Secretary and Hostess for Hull 18 Plus Group. I was on the committee who helped open Beverley 18 Plus Group. I went to various events, TAG, Caister, Selby Pig Roast and lots of other Group events. I represented Hull as Miss 18 Plus. I also had a time as Secretary for The North Region of Yorkshire Area when Tony was the chairman.
Does anyone remember me? Please get in touch. 

These are some 18 Plus photos, I am in the first one in the thick blue cardigan and in the third one dressed in the orange dress!

Ian Woodhams

I was a member of Gravesend and Darenth Valley 18 Plus back in the mid 1980s. I was a fairly active member back in those days I wonder if anyone remembers me.
Paul Woods Harrow Group Chairman circa. 1981 - 1982.
Would love to hear from anyone who attended Harrow 18 Plus around the above dates, and who may remember me! Can we ever forget those early 80's Caisters, some truly awful ANC's, and Disco-dammit. Does anyone still keep in touch from those years, maybe Duffy Brooks, 'Doc Cook, The Hendon Posse, National Darts Finals in dreadful Hotels, etc.etc. Hope to hear from any of you soon.
Cliff Workman Founder member of Swindon 18 Plus in 1972, and later Chairman and Treasurer of the old South West Area.
I owe so much to 18 Plus as so many do.  I have always wanted to keep in touch with those friends in my local group and our twin groups at Bath and Corsham. Regular reunions have been held over the years and bring together old members from around the world, now spread as far as Australia.
To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the opening of the Swindon group a reunion is being held on 5th October aimed at the members from the 1972 -1978 period. Anyone who was a member then is invited to send me an e-mail for details.
Is there anyone out there from the Bath and Corsham groups who remember the socials with Swindon group, or travelled with us to The Isle of Wight, Looe, Caister or TAG?  Send us an e-mail!
Gary Yanover

Was committee member of Redbridge 18 Plus second half of 1970's and involved in setting up London and South East area (Treasurer). Moved to the Netherlands in 1979. Would like to hear from any old friends. Still in touch with Paul Jiggins and Kathy King (Nee Cooper).

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