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Two trees were planted in the Newent Millennium Arboretum in memory of former 18 Plus members, Dr Charles Padgham and Mrs Linda Street.

Both Linda and Charles loved coming to Nicholson House when 18 Plus “lived” there. Linda was one of the members instrumental in purchasing the property and the smell of Charles “fish suppers” was still lingering in the lounge when 18 Plus vacated the building!
  Here are recent photographs of these trees together with the newly erected plaques.
Newent Arboretum is located in Watery Lane, Newent and to find the Arboretum, go along Watery Lane (doctor’s surgery on the corner), past the Recreation Ground (on the right), past Newent School (on the left), past the cemetery (on the right) and just past the turning for Bradfords Lane (see photograph 1) you will see some steps labelled Public Footpath (see photograph 2). These steps lead into the Arboretum, go up these steps and you will see the lower section of the Arboretum in two parts (see photograph 3).
The two 18 Plus trees are located in the part on the right hand side (see photograph 4). Just walk along the path in the middle of the two sections and Linda and Charles’ trees are a short way along.  



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