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Review of WASH 2011

My God, that was some weekend!

Thank you so much for all those who turned up.  Hope the Committee didn't disgrace itself too much when we found out that Pat was retiring.  We see Plus as one big family and he is very much part of it for past 8 years.

For those who weren't able to make it this is what you missed;

Warm accommodation
Clean accommodation
Ducks *(obviously decided that Manor Park is a nicer place to pooh everywhere than Searles!)
Good, properly home cooked food
More caravan parties
No mud!
Friendly venue staff who don't charge different prices every time you go to the bar
Vodka Jellies
Pitchers of cocktails

Whole Lot of Hair' - nicely noisy rock band who really could play instruments really well and provided lots of head banging material for those with hair!

The inaugural WASH Boat Race as won by Rugby's Paul Hancox in a tense final with King's Lynn's very own WASH virgin Carolyn Tole.

Elrich McElroy entertained us with his American take on life in general.  Despite being American he ordered fish and chips at the bar!

Dr & The Medics returned after 7 years and many requests to do so from you out there and were just as good as before.  They did their own take on many classic rock songs and kept the dance floor nice and busy.

28 brave (or mental) bodies in varying states of fitness got hot and sweaty together.  The bar staff even got involved in it and gave Lisa, the lady in charge, hope that the whole worlds bodies haven't fallen into the disrepute that most of ours has!

Quizgo is a concept based on bingo, blockbusters and a traditional quiz.  Lots of prizes were given out and there was lots of 'walks of shame', particularly from Mr Brentwood 1945, Chris Porter!

Fully Functional were seen by many who remained on the Sunday evening, as the stars of the weekend, dancing and singing on tables harks back to earlier years of WASH.  We have been asked by so many people to see if they could come back on the Saturday night that we may break our rules about such things and give more of you the opportunity to see how brilliant they were.

Paul Cattewell

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