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WASH 2006

Following pictures from Mark Hewson of Solihull (Click for larger image)
Kaboos Pop Goes The 80's Solihull Plus  
Following pictures from Jonathan White of Chelmsford (Click for larger image)
Searles Express Glamorize Washed Sky Fireworks

Following pictures from Paul Turner of Solihull (Click for larger image)

Glamorize Hunstanton Hunstanton Searles Express
Searles Express Fireworks   Searles
  Searles Solihull Plus Hunstanton

WASH Quiz results (unofficial) 

1st WASH Wankers 106
2nd Bi-Curius Fumblers 104
3rd Hand Jobs For Crack 98
4th Banshee Boilers 94
5th Whereís Huw 93
6th = 10CC 89
6th=  WASH n Go 89
6th= Not In My Pants You Donít 89
9th= Richard Hammondís Break Fitters 88
9th= Not The C Word 88
11th Quizteam Aguilera 82
12th Simply The Best 81
13th Whereís Me Bulk Posting 79
14th Spa Sticks 76
15th= Five and An Old Fart 73
15th= Ainít Got A Clue 73
15th=? Give Me A NEAT 73?
18th= NEAT Leeds 2007 72
18th= Duck Van Dutch 72
20th Amyís Fan Club 71
21st Beavis Boozers 69
22nd WASH Wankers 2 2nd Coming 64
23 Oddbods 63

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