National Plus          
National Pool Competition
Previous Results
2014 1st Craig Bunyan (Didcot)
2nd Jamie Woodbridge (Solihull Quest)
3rd Adrian Barnard (Didcot)
4th James Griffiths (Didcot)
5th Louis Hurst (Didcot)
6th Nick Leeks (Didcot)

1st Oxford
2nd Didcot
3rd Oxford
4th Didcot
5th Leeds
6th Didcot

2010 1st Ralph (Oxford)
2nd Huw Morris (Oxford)
3rd Leo Glover (Thatcham & Newbury)
4th Jamie Woodbridge (Solihull)
5th Adrian Barnard (Oxford)
6th Sue Glover (Thatcham & Newbury)
7th Stuart (Hillingdon Quest)
8th Tracy Thorn (Dunstable)
9th Tina Bunyan (Slough, Windsor & Eton)
Held at Riley's, Nottingham, 3 Oct 2009
1st Jamie Woodbridge (Solihull)
2nd James Utting (Sheffield)
3rd John Smith (Huddersfield)
4th Jennifer Rowe (Solihull)
2008 1st John Smith (Huddersfield)
2nd Matthew Riley (Sheffield)
3rd Mike Coles (Bradford)
4th Tim Luckett (Slough)
Held at The Elbow Room
Leeds, 15 Sep 200

1st Jamie Woodbridge (Solihull)
2nd Dave Filer (Coventry)
3rd Pete Mann (Coventry)
4th Mark Harrington (Coventry)

Held at The Common Rooms
Sheffield, 7 Oct 2006
1st Jamie Woodbridge (Solihull)
2nd Mark Randall (Bradford)
3rd Matt Riley
4th Caroline Woodbridge (Solihull)

5th Dave Filer (Coventry)
6th Robert Jones
7th Mike Coles
8th= John Smith
8th= Gerry Roberts
10th James Otting
11th= Mark Hewson (Solihull)
11th= Gary Skinner
13th James Sheard
14th Claire Jones
15th Steve Sykes
16th Andy Kirk
17th= Alison Jones
17th= Adrian Barnard
19th Janet Rintold
20th Adam Redshaw (Coventry)
21st Kathy Morris (Solihull)
22nd Steve Claridge

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