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FAB 2013  
Fun at Billing - The New National Spring Holiday  
at Billing Aquadrome, Northampton Facebook Page
Billing Aquadrome

Quiz Results
1st Snow of the Villa 46 pts - Lichfield
2nd We are freezing our t*ts off 45pts - Coventry & Hillingdon (Mark Harrington and Kelly Edges)
3rd Snow Joke 43pts - Solihull (James Oliver), Hillingdon (Gary Schwimmer), Dunstable (Vicky), Hillingdon Quest (Dave Parfitt & Phillippa)
4th Go Snow 37 pts
4th SACOMM 37pts - Southern Area
6th Chiswick & Friends 36pts - rest of North Thames and Chiltern Area
7th Straggles 27pts


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