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Bradford Bargain Break 2005

Treasure Hunt Results

1st Place with 42/42 Peter, Ralph & Huw
2nd Place with 40/42 Kings Lynn & 1 (Tracey)
3rd Place with 39/42 Mission Impossible (Adrian, Tina & Richard)
4th Place with 39/42 (12 minutes later than 3rd Place team) Leeds Group
5th Place with 38/42 James, Steve D, Jo Miller, Steven S, Alina (Bradford Group)
6th Place with 38/42 (41 minutes later than 5th place team) - Coventry group less some of their members who preferred to have a coffee!
7th Place with 35/42 Bob (Claire and Mike) who had the funniest answer to why does a man appear to ride to Norfolk - Because he is eating
chocolate ants on a carpet.
8th Place with 30/42 Solihull Group

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