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Possible sources of funding include:

Local government departments, your local Training and Enterprise Council, if there is a training dimension to the project local bodies such as the Chamber of Trade, the Round Table or charitable trusts, which might offer grants or gifts in kind - you can find details of them in your local reference library your Regional Arts Board.

Get in touch with your local Council for Voluntary Service for information about special funding. For example, you can check whether you are in one of the government's policy priority areas, which might make you eligible for funding.

You can try and supplement your funds with donations - straightforward gifts from well-wishers. However, these are unlikely to involve large sums. Another possible source of income is sponsorship. This usually involves linking donors to a particular programme.

It is worth approaching other governmental and non-governmental agencies for grants if you can make a case that your project falls within their funding criteria. Your funding co-ordinator or sub-group should look at publications on sources of funding for community-based projects. These will give you advice on who to approach and how to make your application.

Below are a collection of links which are portals to further information and funding bodies.

UK Fundraising -
Comprehensive resource for UK charity fundraisers and the fundraising industry, published since 1994.

Guide to Fundraising Online-

Community Fund -
Community Fund is the operating name of the National Lottery
Charities Board, the independent organisation set up by Parliament in 1994 to distribute money raised by the National Lottery to support charities and voluntary and community groups throughout the UK and to UK agencies working abroad.

Funding Digest -
Funding Digest is a unique fundraising information service, exclusively dedicated to the needs of voluntary organisations, charities, local authorities, and the agencies and information services who support them throughout the UK.

Funders Online -
A Fundraiser's search engine.

Funderfinder -
FunderFinder develops and distributes software to help individuals and not-for-profit organisations in the UK to identify charitable trusts that might give them money.

Charities Information Bureau -
Information for CVSs and local development agencies, regional organisations and umbrella organisations which cover more that one local authority district.

Charities Aid Foundation -
CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) is a registered charity which provides services that are both charitable and financial.

Profunding -
Profunding brings you instant access to the latest fundraising information service for not-for-profit organisations.


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